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Benefits of a Jardine Funeral Home Cremation

A cremation service here at the Jardine Funeral Home includes the following standard features:

  • Licensed funeral event planners, trained to help your family create a meaningful cremation experience for family and friends.
  • 24/7 staff coverage via phone to answer your questions to help put your mind at ease during this difficult time.
  • Dedicated funeral support staff to professionally transfer your loved one into our care.
  • Reception ideas and catering facilities, designed to encourage family and friends to share stories and reminisce after the ceremony either here at our reception facilities or at a location of your choice.
  • Recording your ceremony, inviting out of town guests who may not be able to attend to participate from a distance to log onto our website and watch the ceremony at a later date.
  • AFTERCARE is your post cremation ceremony support that offers assistance with completing the necessary Government and other important forms, helping to make sure your family receives the entitlements they deserve.
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    How may we be of service?

    When a Death has Occurred

    • • Please accept our condolences and we are here to answer any questions you may have.
    • • You will be asked to answer a number of questions such as the name of the deceased, your name, and other questions prior to submitting your online funeral arrangement wishes with us.
    • • As always, you may contact us directly at 705-887-3130 for assistance or continue with your online arrangements.

    Pre Plan a Burial

    • • Using our online funeral arrangement website, you may consider all the options you would like to arrange for your funeral.
    • • Please take as much time as you need to explore your online arrangement options.

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    Your Service, Ceremony & Celebration Options

    Traditional Cremation Ceremony - $4,995

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      This service choice is for families who would like a traditional time with their love one present while gathering and holding ceremonies with family and friends. Because it is important to you to have the deceased present embalming may be required and should be discussed with your funeral director. If you require additional gathering time or service time please discuss this option as well.

    Celebration of Life - $4,995

    Click here for service details.

      Holding a Celebration of Life encourages family and friends to offer their personal and creative touches to remember your loved one, while honouring a life well lived. You may wish to use your time in our facility by gathering and holding ceremonies or by creating an environment where friends can mix and mingle with food and beverages to simply holding a service that included eulogies, toasts, music and a video slide show. Please speak with your funeral director on how we can create a unique celebration. If you require additional gathering time or service time please discuss this option as well.

    Private Family Goodbye - $3,495

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      For those wishing no public ceremony this option includes a private time for goodbye in order to see your loved one before cremation/aquamation in our facility with a maximum of 20 people and includes our professional services, documentation, transportation from the place of death, temporary facility for shelter, and the transfer to the crematorium.

    Simply Cremation - $2,447

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      For those wishing no private or public service or ceremony and want to be directly cremated. We provide our in-house guided professional services, documentation and 24/7 days a week transportation from place of death to our temporary facility for shelter prior to transportation to Riverside Crematorium in Lindsay.

    Would you prefer to have your loved ones body present for the Visitation, Service or Ceremony?

    Body Present for Visitation, Service or Ceremony:

    • • By having your loved ones body present for the visitation, service, or ceremony; you are encouraging family and friends to pay their respects with the deceased as the focal point.

    No body present for Visitation, Service or Ceremony:

    • • Having your loved one cremated prior to the visitation, service, or ceremony allows for the service or ceremony to be conducted with the urn present as the focal point as family and friends pay their respects.